Tourist information points Lauwersmeer

The Information Pavilion (HIP)

After the Lauwerszee was closed, a new fishing harbour was built on the former work island Lauwersoog. And that’s what Lauwersoog still is today. Regularly, sustainably caught fish are landed and you won’t eat fresher fish than here. The special development of the whole area is good for recreation too. On the site of a former prawn processing company, the HIP (The Information Pavilion) was built. Here visitors are given information about Lauwersoog harbour, the Wadden area and the Lauwersmeer. The reused foundations and washing areas remind us of its previous function. Look out for the unique outdoor furniture: benches made of fish crates and lighting produced by old harbour lights.

Here are the Tourist Information Points (TIPs) around the Lauwersmeer.