Special boat trips

Where there is water, there are boats! Take a trip on a Rescue Boat and experience what G forces are during a spectacular tour. Embark just before ebb tide and disembark on a dry sandbank for a walk over the Wad. Tour the harbour on a former buoyage vessel. Or take the catamaran or water taxi to Schiermonnikoog. But you can take the quiet option too, for example during a photo boat trip passing areas with lots of interesting birds.


A trip to Schier

Besides being a fishing harbour, Lauwersoog is also a port for the ferries to Schiermonnikoog. Here there is another lovely National Park just a 45 minute boat trip away. A car-free walking and cycling paradise where every season has its charms. Two modern ferries, the Rottum and Monnik, sail to the island and the trip can also be made by catamaran from Oostmahorn.

That makes this area really special: two countryside areas with the title National Park as well as a Unesco World Heritage Site right next to each other. That doesn’t happen often!


There are four marinas on the Lauwersmeer: the Lunegat in Kollum, the marinas of Oostmahorn and Zoutkamp and the Noordergat, the harbour near Lauwersoog. The lake has several recreational jetties and in the middle there are a few small islands with mooring facilities. From the Lauwersmeer, visitors can sail along a standing mast route to Leeuwarden and Groningen and from there to the Frisian lakes, the Oldambtmeer and even Germany. Depending on the boat, a boat trip on the Waddenzee is obviously another challenge.

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